Teal Swan Exposed

Spiritual leader Teal Swan presents herself as an inspiration to her followers as someone who has overcome alleged childhood satanic ritual abuse, and with that, she believes she is a qualified therapist and “revolutionary”, on the same level as historical leaders, giving her an edge over conventional medicine and therapy. Read Teal’s “Psychotherapy”. Teal has mentioned how death would be relief to her, has a history of self-harm, and suicide attempts. She has suggested to her followers that suicide is an option, while stating, “I’m not going to advocate for suicide.” She has used inappropriate and suggestive language to convince guests that they are unhappy living, she has glorified death and suicide, projected thoughts, feelings, and beliefs onto guests such as “You are not committed to life.” Read Preoccupation With Death & Suicide.

There is considerable evidence of spiritual teacher Teal Swan, displaying behavior that is characteristic of a cult leader, due to the numerous statements she has made throughout her media. Teal claims to be “authentic”, “transparent” and the leader of an “Authenticity Movement”, yet reveals more about herself than she intends. Read Cult Warning Signs. She describes herself as a “Self-Help Expert” and “Leader of the New Age”, yet has verbatim plagiarized from a number of authors and resource websites. For a spiritual leader, Teal’s lack of ethics is extremely concerning. Read Teal’s Plagiarism.