“Teal Swan is everything I hoped the writing of The Presence Process would protect people from” says author, Michael Brown

[Emailed statement obtained by one of the authors of this website on 2017-10-29] When Teal Swan’s management first contacted me, asking if we could engage on some level about the commonality of our work, or some other pretext like that, I brushed them off. I said something like, “when people do explorations into themselves they likely find the same things…blah, blah, blah”.

When readers told me Teal Swan is plagiarizing The Presence Process, I wasn’t really interested. I do recall comparing such mutterings to, ‘yapping dogs’. I apologize for that now. My initial flippant response is because I have heard exact sentences, verbatim from my two books, come out of the mouths of many known New Age ‘teachers’, and even celebrities like Jim Carey, Oprah and Ellen. Even my own friends do it to me, not realizing they are talking my book back at me. This is because The Presence Process is full of perceptual catch-phrases I created in the 90s to communicate the intricacies of emotional processing, which have now become meaningless New Age memes. People love to use them to impress, especially when they have no experiential clue what they really imply. Some of these catch-phrases now appear on fridge magnets in New Age homes, always ascribed to some fake guru, like Teal Swan.

The word ‘integration’, for example, was only used in the context of the business community before I added it to the vocabulary of emotional processing in the early 90s. So I take people plagiarizing my work with a pinch of salt. However, Teal Swan does take it to a whole new level.

Since my one and only interaction with Teal Swan, last year if I recall, Namaste Publishing Inc. has been contacted about this matter by others and did pass their documentation on to their legal advisers. I would encourage readers to contact them again if this matter concerns you.

[Attention: Constance Kellough
www.namastepublishing.com ]

I have not read Teal Swan’s recent book, or any of her writings, other than excerpts sent to me by concerned readers. So beyond what has been shown to me, I have no idea to what extent she copies anything by anybody. But I have seen her videos on you tube. Teal Swan is everything I hoped the writing of The Presence Process would protect people from. I guess I failed a bit here!!! As long as people confuse ‘taking their power’ with ‘following another despite their obvious inconsistencies’, the Teal Swans of the world will be here to rake in the cash and leave a wake of confusion and disappointment.

The Presence Process is delicate, personal, self-facilitation, written in context and with extreme care. People using any part of it to gain followers are naive, reckless, irresponsible and ignorant. Or otherwise they are just power-hungry psychopathic narcissists.

Michael Brown, author of
The Presence Process and
Alchemy Of The Heart.

—Statement obtained by one of the authors of this blog, Teal Swan Exposed.


Michael Brown's statement denouncing Teal's plagiarism.
Michael Brown’s statement addressing Teal’s plagiarism.

Teal Swan Plagiarism