Teal Swan claims she is a “Universal Reflector” – the ultimate mirror for humanity

Spiritual teacher Teal Swan claims she is a “universal reflector” for her upcoming event called “The Mirror”. This self-proclamation, is in addition to the already exhaustive list of grandiose titles she has bestowed upon herself. Teal has a history of using these titles in lieu of any valid credentials in psychology. She is presumably using this “reflector” label to give credence to her mind-reading guru act.

Teal has released a promotional video for the event. In the video, she tells prospective attendees that she will reveal what is “subconscious” and “buried in their psyche”. How convenient. Teal has free rein to say whatever she likes, and if attendees are confused or disagree with her appraisal, they can’t prove her wrong because of course they aren’t aware of their own subconscious! Teal, on the other hand, has miraculous access to the subconscious minds of total strangers. Even the most unscrupulous stage psychics don’t claim that.

Teal is looking forward to the event because she says — “I get to subject people to all these processes.” Subject people to her processes? What an unintentionally revealing and accurate choice of word.

The ticket prices for this bling-themed event, hosted by gleeful “Spiritual Luminary” Teal (see photo below), are $740 for a “Ruby” ticket, and $950 for a “Diamond”. Wait, is this a Vegas conference with sideshow acts? Oh, it’s supposed to be spiritual. The event is staffed by volunteer “Completion Process Practitioners,” and provides ”great networking opportunities for entrepreneurs”.  If Teal’s previous workshops are anything to go by, attendees can expect to have their own perception and experience overridden and denied by Teal, in front of a live audience.


Some guy came up with “human reflectors” in 1987

Teal has a tendency to latch onto any theory or concept that she can twist to suit her purposes and personal advantage. Her “reflector” title was taken from “The Human Design System” — a “synthesis of ancient and modern sciences” that was  “received” by founder Ru Uru Hu in 1987. The system uses birth data to determine a person’s “Human design chart”. Teal’s husband Ale, said in an interview  —“Teal has a very unique design, it’s called a reflector. Amma, the spiritual teacher has the same design. It’s only 1 or 2% of the population. Michael Jackson has the same.” Wow, Teal is the same type as well known spiritual teachers and famous celebrities! Just in case anybody missed it, Teal is very, very, very rare and special.

Teal, the uniquely qualified walking mirror

In her video, “Teal Swan Answers to the Allegations Made Against her,” she seeks to convince viewers that she is uniquely qualified for her role because she is a “walking mirror”. She also uses the title to justify the amount of criticism she receives. According to Teal, those who are critical of her are just projecting their own “shadows”. She states:

One thing people have to understand is that I’m a reflector by human design. Now a reflector, is 1% of the population on earth. It’s basically a walking human mirror. It’s part of what makes me very good at my work. But it also gets me a lot of trouble because it means that any person that comes across me, sees in me anything that’s in them. . . . If people see their shadow in me by virtue of the projection, they’re not going to be able to separate out who I am versus the projection that they’re seeing themselves in me.

In a Facebook post to promote her “Mirror” event, Teal asserts “the world you live in is designed like a mirror hologram”. The world you live in? Doesn’t Teal live in the world too?

The post states that Teal is a “universal reflectorshe is like a mirror of the universe within the mirror hologram that is our earth”. A “mirror of the universe”? That sounds like yet another grandiose title.

At the event, Teal will apparently “use herself as a mirror to show you what you do not yet see about yourself…[and] the world you live in.” What gives Teal the authority to do this beyond her own lofty, unsubstantiated claims about her abilities?


Come “Face to Face with your Reflection”!

Perhaps a more accurate description would be to come “face to face with Teal’s callous, hasty and ignorant judgements”. The promotional material asks “Do you want to see things as they really are?” What evidence is there that Teal knows how things “really are”? It would be more honest, but less sellable, to state: “Do you want to see things as Teal sees them…through the filter of her perceptual, motivational and cognitive biases?” Teal claims she doesn’t have any of those of course, they’re for other lesser beings, and she has her “universal reflector” title to prove it.

Teal has long been observed telling her followers what they think, feel and believe. She pretends she can see it all, and that she knows people better than they know themselves, typically just minutes after meeting them. Teal claims to have been born with “clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience”, which she wields as omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. She claims she can see thoughts and see the future. She even tells workshop attendees she can watch them while not physically present (see accompanying video). Teal has never displayed any evidence for her extrasensory abilities. She merely makes claims about herself and expects them to be believed automatically.

The shadowy side of Teal’s marketing

It is extremely dangerous and unethical for a therapist to claim that they can see a client’s thoughts and future, and can spy on them from a distance. It is psychological abuse, not therapy. Teal isn’t a therapist, yet presents herself as one. Ethical, competent and qualified therapists listen, as well as encourage self-trust and self-knowledge. Teal makes judgements instead of listening, she bulldozes over people’s words with her own interpretations. She demands people put their trust in her and her alleged knowledge. Teal encourages an unhealthy dependency by presenting herself as somebody who has all the answers. This can feel comforting when one is feeling lost or uncertain, Teal knows this and capitalises on it.

Ironically, Teal does not use the therapeutic method of mirroring when working with people. Mirroring is when a therapist mirrors back to the client what the client has just said. It is also a part of active listening. It helps a client feel validated, supported and understood—truly listened to and acknowledged. It helps create an atmosphere of trust. Teal does the polar opposite, as shown in video footage of her workshops. In one video, she can be seen repeatedly contradicting what a workshop attendee is telling her about herself. More disturbingly, she tries to convince attendees that they are suicidal despite them making no mention whatsoever that they are experiencing suicidal ideation. (See accompanying video and “The Suicide Catalyst” video)

If Teal advertised her workshops as psychic events instead of psychological therapy workshops, that would be more honest. It is deceptive advertising. A blurring of boundaries occurs in the merging of her alleged psychic abilities and her psychological processes, it enables her to abuse with less accountability. Workshop attendees are paying large sums of money to be abused by Teal and used as a prop in her power play. Teal needs her followers. She needs them to fuel her superiority complex and to bolster her status as the omnipotent guru. And she needs their money. Bottom line: Teal abuses, misleads and exploits people for power and profit.

I have no boundaries – Teal

As with all self-proclaimed guru figures who are making claims about themselves, it is important to ask: why are they making the claim? What possible personal benefits are they set to gain if followers believe the claim? Is there any evidence to support the claim? And does the claim benefit and empower followers or does it benefit and exalt the guru?

Teal might enjoy looking in mirrors, but she isn’t one

“There is nothing innately wrong with a Narcissus. Adoring one’s own reflection, deriving gratification from admiring oneself is in fact healthy.” – Teal

Teal doesn’t mirror, quite the reverse. She projects her issues onto others. This has been demonstrated time and time again. If Teal wants to live up to her “reflector” title, lifted from a dubious theory, then perhaps she should start with some much-needed self-reflection. It is crystal clear that she should not be working in her current capacity, and no amount of self-awarded, grandiose titles will change that.

Check out the accompanying video to this article!


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