Cult Warning Sign: Teal Swan’s Love for Admiration – the evidence

Genuine celebrities working in the entertainment industry, don’t tend to refer to themselves as “celebrities”. But Teal, the self-proclaimed “leader of the new age”, does. She frequently describes herself as one, even using the hashtag #celebrity on her Instagram posts. She loves reminding her followers of her “fame”. Her followers are her “fans”, her community is her “entourage” and her workshops are “performances.”

Unfittingly for a spiritual leader, Teal is obsessed with glamour, the limelight, being in the spotlight on-stage, signing autographs and receiving gifts from her “fans”. The need to be adored and to be the centre of attention is indicative of a cult leader. It also reveals Teal’s true motivations for her “spiritual career”. The blog excerpts are a mere sampling – there are more. Check out the accompanying video here.


“They really don’t care about the impact on me or on anyone else for that matter. This is the reality for anyone who is famous. But it is much, much worse for ‘expertise celebrities’ than ‘entertainment celebrities’. People tell me (in not so direct ways) that I have no right to feel bad about it because I chose this line of work, where I literally am a resource.”
Mirror Image – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“It seems no matter where I go; I can’t avoid stirring up controversy. Ale is a vice consul for Monaco [not anymore]. And in one of his business meetings there this week, he happened to mention that as a celebrity I was writing a blog about Monaco.”
Your Life Is Waiting – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“The fact that he has brought home a wife who is an American celebrity that doesn’t speak French and who is a highly spiritual Vegan that doesn’t eat white flour or sugar, has only served to exaggerate that difference.”
Ratatouille – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 11.01.25 PM

A follower states, “…I would freak out and maybe cry…” This comment is a sign of an unhealthy relationship between the follower and Teal. Teal fuels this over-the-top worshiping follower behavior. This is a sign of a cult.


“I spent a while with my community members last night owning up to and expressing that pain. I know that this sort of thing is bound to come up in my line of work, especially the more famous I get.”
The Pain of Amber – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“As my fame increases, I am being recognized more and more now on the street. I’ll be shopping or exercising and someone off in the distance will stop and give me this look . . . they come over to me and with caution, they say ‘Oh my god…you’re Teal Scott aren’t you?'”
Fans – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“I am mesmerizing. I draw both fame and money to me. I ‘shoot for the moon’. I have incredible ‘star presence’, I am a visionary” — These are excerpts from an affirmation list Teal wrote about for herself.
Ego and Humility – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“When fame is a part of your life, you have people pulling at you every second of the day.”
A Piece of My Heart – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“The pressure and the casualties of fame are indescribable. To be famous is to stick your head above the crowd and people often try to shoot you down for it. Perhaps I have made this worse by doing what I am doing right now… by also being open about my authentic off-stage life and not private about it. I feel very torn about this. On the one hand, I feel a real revolutionary sense of purpose in the fact that I have chosen to be transparent. My heart feels it is right to continue. On the other hand, it causes so many problems for me that I feel tempted to give up and fall into silence like many people want to force me to do (or convince me is right to do). Nevertheless, everything about you becomes public knowledge, regardless of whether it is true or not. People can say anything they like about you. You cease to be a person anymore. You are a ‘thing’. You become objectified to the extreme. This is why stars end up in rehab again and again.”
Teal was ordered to remove the blog. Sensitive information excluded.

“Like most famous people (especially people who are famous for their controversial opinions) I am not the only one who receives threats directed at me . . . There is collateral damage that comes with fame. And this is part of the contrast that my son opted into by virtue of coming to me as a mother. I wish it didn’t have to be this way . . . I have tried to give him a nurturing upbringing that is not riddled with the conflict that fame attracts . . . In my position, I am now consulted by several VERY famous people . . . If your fame grows, the time will come that you literally cannot hide the people around you, including your child. It is no longer a choice you get to make. It is made for you. It is done whether you like it or not. It is the price of fame.”
The Lost Tooth – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“My life is public. This is the bottom line with fame. No matter how private I became about my personal life, my life is still in the public eye. And for someone who genuinely does not want a life in the public eye, being with someone who is famous, is a constant source of grievance.”
Flower To Ash, Ash To Flower – Blog Posts – Teal – Private Info Redacted Swan

“I love what fame can do. To me, the downsides to fame are worth the upsides.”
To Europe and Back – Blog Posts – Teal Swan


“I even wandered by accident into a lovely gem shop there today and met up with an American fan that I was destined to meet in accordance with perfect synchronicity.”
Auckland, New Zealand – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

Third on her “Favorite Things” list: “People recognizing me on the street and coming up to tell me how much my material positively impacted their life.”
Favorite Things – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“. . . while trying to exit, the crowd rushed me. Security had to surround me and escort me out of the room. I wished that I could have hugged every single person in the room one by one. But it was just impossible with the sheer number of people there. Being rushed by a crowd causes a mix of emotions in me I’ve noticed. On one hand, it feels intimidating and unpredictable. On the other hand it is so wonderfully moving to be wanted that much by people.
Homeward Bound – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

Teal’s marketing manager, Blake Dyer, passively defends Teal in the Facebook group, Teal Tribe after public scrutiny by stating, “Why do you prefer Teal Swan over other Spiritual Teachers?” This behavior subtly programs her followers, reinforcing that she is the “exalted one” — a cult leader trait.
Facebook Screenshot

When Teal’s critics get especially loud, messages such as this tend to pop up: “Hello Everyone, we are running a contest in a show of gratitude for Teal Swan, with videos on what Teal, The Completion Process, Her Videos or how The Teal Tribe has helped our lives. Just a simple story, let me know if you have any questions. Everyone votes for Each other and the top 10 videos win a VIP ticket to any Synchronization Workshop.”, July 16, 2016 [details] [Screenshot]

A former “Intentional Community” member shares, “I do find it worth noting that when it comes to being recognized for her talents or achievements in front of an audience, Teal is willing and able to sustain an effort. When it comes to doing something Teal likes to do, she has the ability to focus.”
Truth About Teal Swan

“There must be some kind of emptiness still resident in my being, because when I run into ‘fans’, I can feel myself filling up inside with a sense of completion.”
Fans – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“Speaking of love, I went to my company mailbox yesterday. My box was full of presents and letters sent by ‘fans’. I feel so weird calling people who follow my material fans. It feels more like they are members of my army or like they are extended family members scattered all over the world.”
Fear Layered Love – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

Teal warmed up to calling her followers “fans”, it did not take long for her to embrace it. What is more significant, is her newly-formed belief that she could have her very own “army”. She fuels divisiveness by claiming to have enemies that she refers to as “haters”.

“My ego wants to destroy the people who are against me right now; especially those who have betrayed me by switching from fans to haters.”
Dodge Ball – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“Love letters are a dime a dozen in my life since entering the public eye and dating a fan is a real taboo for a public figure for many very valid reasons.  But “the Eiffel Tower Guy” became a running joke in our household.  Any time one of the boys would upset me, I’d turn to Graciela or she’d turn to me and say ‘I/You should marry the Eiffel Tower guy’.”
To Europe and Back – Blog Posts – Teal SwanTo Europe and Back – Blog Posts – Teal Swan


What spiritual teacher has a photo taken of themselves signing an autograph? Doesn’t this say everything you need to know?

“In my day-to-day life, I am ignorant of the amount of people I am reaching. Then, as if out of nowhere, I am asked to sign autographs or take pictures with people on the street. I show up to my workshops and hundreds of people are there in front of me in one room. They have flown there from all over the world. Many of them cry as they greet me. Many of them seem to know more details about my life than I do. To them, I am already a familiar fixture of their lives. I’m that person, who made them feel as if it would all be ok. I’m that person who helped them get through cancer, or survive a divorce, or end up in a wonderful career. And In those moments, I feel like I could die and go to heaven. I am dumbfounded in the best way.”
Fans – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“Back then, I wasn’t really admitting to what I really liked about sports…What I loved is the feeling of putting on a uniform, I loved that feeling of being respected…people wanted my autograph, that was what I really liked & so I just had to jump through the hoop of races to get there.”


“It’s official, the London workshop went incredibly well. Many of the people who attended the workshop brought me such great presents that I spent a half an hour admiring them after I woke up this morning.”
Homeward Bound – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

The following quote describes an event that occurred less than a month after Teal married her third husband.  Neither Ale or Teal showed any regard, consideration or respect for Teal’s third husband who was present at the table.
“Last night Blake, my husband and I went to dinner with a friend/business contact of mine named Ale Gicqueau. When I showed up to the dinner, he presented me with a glorious bouquet of pink roses and a rare spiritual gift, wrapped in Teal colored wrapping paper.”
Ego and Humility – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“I admittedly have a hard time believing and remembering that I am loved. So when I read through my binder that is full of the letters I have received, or look around the room and see all the little things people have sent me, I feel loved . . . Presents prove that you are on the forefront of someone’s mind.” Learn more about narcissistic supply.
Fear Layered Love – Blog Posts – Teal Swan


“But I still intensely dislike leaving anyone behind. I already travel with a large entourage of sorts. But if I had it only my way, that entourage would include everyone I am close to.”
Snow Moon – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“Like most people who are public figures, the people in my life that I am the closest to form a kind of supportive container for me. Besides loving them and reveling in the connection we have, this is the main function that the ‘entourage’ serves.”
A Piece of My Heart – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“Instead of feeling like I had to “break my way in” I felt like everyone had been waiting for me. It felt similar to the way it feels when people cross over into death and there is an entourage of people waiting to receive them and take them into the light. Except in this case, it felt as if we were all each other’s entourage . . . I am happy to announce that despite my initial anxiety, my presentation was a huge hit. I was so happy to see some familiar ‘triber’ faces in the crowd. That always makes me smile with a kind of inner security that I have a solid support team… My soul family is with me! Long story short, I got a standing ovation. The room was so full of people that some were standing along the back of the room and along the walls. The conference bookstore sold out of my new book (Shadows Before Dawn) and I was signing books for nearly three hours. It was a big success. Exactly the way I was hoping it would go. I think the ‘main stream’ is more ready than most of us think for a paradigm shift.”
Denver, Colorado (Yes I Can) – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

Performer, Spotlight, Limelight, On-Stage

I was a performer. I knew that I wanted to be famous and be on people’s television screens and be on stage. At a cellular level, I knew that I was destined to be a star performer. I was so excited about it. I swallowed up the attention that I would get. I loved the feeling of the pressure of having to execute a perfect act. But this day, the reaction that I got from my mother was different. When I tried to get her to watch me, she rolled her eyes, made an exasperated noise and said “Me, me, me, I, I, I”. She put the kitchen towel she was holding down and watched me with an exasperated look as if I couldn’t finish soon enough. That day was the beginning of this pervasive feeling that wanting fame was not ok. That day was the beginning of this pervasive idea that stardom is not meant to be mine (otherwise I’d have been born into a different family) and that I am betraying my mother by even wanting to be a performer, much less by becoming famous. . . . I am not the first performer in my family. I come from a long line of star personality types.”
The Selfless Service Cord – Blog Posts – Teal Swan 
“We leave the lobby to record the interview in Swan’s hotel room. There, she excuses herself and, moments later, returns wearing a floor-length royal blue gown. And then, suddenly childlike, she crawls across the king-size bed and dangles her legs over the edge like an excited toddler. Her behavior is charming, or intended to charm, but there’s a note of performance as well.”

“For me, the dream is to stand in a spotlight so I can tell people what they really need to hear.”
Blog Post #3 – Teal_s Blog

“I feel quite at home in front of an audience. I would never have suspected that. Having been such a shy child, I would never have guessed that I’d be destined for a career in the limelight. But I love it.”
Black Waves – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“I received a death threat in the mail yesterday. I’m averaging 1 to 10 of them a week now via standard mail and e-mail. Most of them of course, compliments of the ‘Christian Right Wing’, who think I am the incarnation of Satan or Lilith (the succubus) . . . I had to make a decision before I stepped onto the world stage.” This blog was written in 2014 – two years after her “spiritual career” started. She was far from being on the “world stage”, and as of 2017, it is still the case.
Blog Post #3 – Teal_s Blog

Teal had barely launched her “spiritual career” when she wrote the following in 2013:

“They decide I am “too dark” and “too intense”. And it has only gotten worse since I took the world stage as a spiritual guide.”
My Love Life – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“When I got up on stage I looked out into an ocean of people. The room was absolutely littered with smiling faces, over 400 of them. I felt completely welcomed . . . I was absorbed into the vortex that occurs each time I do a workshop. I am completely in a kind of epic, timeless flow when I’m on stage or in front of a camera sharing what I am the most passionate about with people. It is truly heaven to me.”
Homeward Bound – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“I was told that it would start to feel like I was living two different lives; one as a public figure, the other as another ‘normal’ person within the world. I had no idea how right that would be. Right now, while I’m on tour, I live a life that most people could never even imagine with cameras and stages and dinners and business meetings and constant travel.”
Basel, Switzerland – Blog Posts – Teal Swan


On November 20th, 2017, Teal & Co., launched one of the most heavily produced video advertisements of her “spiritual career”, highlighting the last Synchronization Workshops for the year. The video elicits excitement from the viewer with dramatic background music that rises to a crescendo as if it were a grand finale of a movie. In a glamorous sequined gown, Teal approaches a stage, waving to an excited audience. The video closes with the camera displaying her merchandise. The presentation of the video sends a mixed message as the focus seems to be more on Teal than the tags it is labeled with: #personaldevelopment #selflove #spirituality #empowerment and #personalgrowth. There is another interesting caveat to this. An article that was published the day, included a quote from the Cult Education Institute who stated that Teal was “following the pattern of a cult leader”. Details.

On Teal approaching the stage: “Looking behind myself, I see a mirror image of myself talking on a giant screen. I see my dress glittering. Everything in me loves a really great dress. I look out over the crowd; a small sea of faces that I have never seen before but that feel familiar to me nonetheless.”
Venice, Italy – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“I have a special fondness for super sexy dresses that hug my curves
Favorite Things – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“I started to value the art of self-presentation. I loved the murmurs of approval when I had created an appearance for myself that other people enjoyed. I even loved the expressions of shock when I’d show up for high school in knee high boots and a skintight body suit. I began to love the way that appearance had the ability to affect others. I loved that I could wear my personality on the surface through my choice of clothing, my makeup, my posture and the way I moved my body.”
Stiletto Feminism – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“Today, when I look at the life that I lead, it is not so different from the one that I dreamed up for myself back then. I stand up on stage. I sing to audiences in my own way. I represent the divine feminine coming into its full potential and power . . . And my closet is full of the most sensual fabrics in the most vibrant and rich of colors. They are part of the public image that I portray when I fly around the world to put on my performances. I love clothes. I have loved them ever since that day in the opera house fitting room. In my opinion, it is one of the best parts about being a woman. I love the way that certain fabrics endorse a woman’s form. I love the way that they fall across the curves of my shoulders and breast and hips. I love that every day, I get to be like a moving piece of art.”
A Turning Point (Of Many) – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

Idaho News conducted a televised interview, covering Teal Swan’s alleged satanic ritual abuse story. Her outfit revealed more skin than clothing, leading one to wonder if Teal was intending to distract viewers by keeping their focus on her appearance rather than on her alleged satanic ritual abuse story.

Teal’s Drama

Teal has shared dramatic, shocking, violent, attention-grabbing information in graphic detail, numerous times throughout her media. This behavior is designed to keep the attention on her, much like a star in a movie. Below is a small sampling of what’s out there.

Teal Swan says she can’t handle all things macabre due to alleged satanic ritual abuse, but it’s sprinkled throughout her media

Teal Swan’s Satanic Ritual Abuse (Teal Swan’s Claims)

To learn more about Teal’s cult leader warning signs, follow this link.

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