Apparently, spiritual teacher Teal Swan was born to lead humanity. Teal & Blake’s shady marketing.

Teal, and her then marketing manager, now COO, Blake Dyer, had high hopes from the start for “The Spiritual Catalyst”. They launched an aggressive marketing campaign during Spring of 2011. This campaign included writing articles under false names, as well as leaving comments for those same articles, praising Teal.

Blake also posed as an adoring fan of Teal’s by commenting on her early YouTube videos. For some reason, asking for testimonials from real friends who liked Teal’s work didn’t come to mind. Perhaps they did not exist.

The pseudonym backstory

On March 25, 2011, Blake assumed the identity of a freelance journalist, using the pseudonym, “Jason Freedman” to submit an article titled, “An Amazing Story of Forgiveness” on A few weeks later, “Freedman” also published “A Story of Forgiveness” on What linked “Freedman” to Blake, was that he included his phone number on the press bio of Teal’s old website, and on his article, “A Story of Forgiveness“. He also used this same pseudonym to defend Teal with his letter to the editor, “Teal Scott not to be discredited“. On the 13th of April 2011, he used the pseudonym, “William Macey PHD” to comment on “An Amazing Story of Forgiveness”, showing support for Teal’s story. On the same day, Macey traveled on over to Amazines

Here comes “Ann Whinney”, delivering a special message to humanity

Macey showed up to support yet another phony author, “Anne Whinney” – who apparently is a “Thought Field Therapist”, by commenting on the grandiose masterpiece, “Born to Lead Humanity?“. There’s a second article on Amazines too… “The Indigo Child to Lead Them All.” Considering Blake has submitted other articles under assumed names, it’s not much of a stretch to realize that he submitted the “Anne Whinney” articles as well.

Both articles could easily have been written by Teal herself and delivered to Blake to publish. Interestingly enough, there are phrases used in the article that Teal has used elsewhere. It’s typical that she would enlist him to do her dirty work, and be the fall guy in the event of the deception being uncovered.  Whoever wrote the articles, Teal or Blake, the grandiosity of the article, “Born to Lead Humanity?” is unparalleled. A cult in the making! The original on Amazines is hard to read as there are no paragraph breaks. The transcript is below.

Teal’s ex husband, Mark Scott was also enlisted for the “Spiritual Catalyst” marketing campaign too. His Facebook post states, “A recent article about Teal Scott.” More like, “A recent article *by* Teal Scott”.


Fans of “Anne Whinney’s” article and the great, “Spiritual Catalyst”

A number of comments promoting Teal were made in response to the article. They can be still be viewed under the article on the Amazines website. The comments were likely made by a selection of assumed names, as well as, more familiar names— “B.Dyer” (Blake) “William Macey PHD” (an assumed name mentioned above) and  “Jason F” (Jason Freedman, another assumed name mentioned above). It is very likely that all the favourable comments on the article were written by Blake and/or Teal, not only from the assumed names they have already been linked to.

This comment from “William Macey PHD”, Blake’s psychologist alter ego, is a transparent appeal to authority. Blake seeks to lend validity to Teal’s story by posing as a professional, commenting from his “professional opinion”.


Blake then uses his own name to respond to “William Macey’s” comment , thereby having a conversation with himself. He tries to give credibility to Teal’s story by sharing his alleged first-hand testimony as “the man who saved Teal from her childhood”. He tries to back-up Teal’s story by mentioning the “police case”, which unsurprisingly never amounted to anything.  He also throws in a gushing compliment calling Teal “THE most amazing person on the face of planet earth”.


There are some similarities between the following comments that were left on the article, and comments left by “sundyer” (Blake’s YouTube channel name) to promote Teal on her early YouTube videos. The fact that both sets of comments use the same points (and phrases) to promote Teal, shows that the comments under the article are extremely likely to have been authored by Blake and/or Teal. The comments with a white background are the YouTube comments.





Teal’s age



Teal’s physical appearance  



Claiming Teal is God/God’s messenger

The comment below also compliments Teal on her appearance as well as claiming that she is “one of God’s messengers”.



Promotion of Teal’s book

The following comment not only promotes Teal’s book, The Sculptor in the Sky, it also  includes another reference linking Teal and God — her book being a “message from god”. Also, note the “shivers throughout my spine” sentence. It also appears further down in another comment from a different assumed name, yet more evidence that all the comments on the thread were written by the same person(s), Teal and/or Blake.



Claiming that Teal can cure physical illness 


The following comment is made by “JasonF”, Jason Freedman, the name Blake used to pose as a journalist to publish another fake article promoting Teal. The comment also claims Teal is “some kind of messenger”, as well as a “mirror”, a title Teal used recently to promote herself.


The only accurate part of the comment above is the part about Teal’s “delusions of grandeur.” There is plenty of evidence to support that. The other stuff, not so much . Who would write such grandiose articles and comments about themselves, or get their side kick to write them on their behalf? What does this say about Teal? And what does it say about her “authenticity movement”?

“Born to Lead Humanity?” — The transcript

It has been said that the human race is in the midst of an evolutionary change. As time goes on, children are coming into this physical reality retaining the conscious spiritual knowledge of whom and what they are. And that change is being heralded in by the indigo children. Indigo children are the “warriors” and “trailblazers” of the new age. And as these indigo children come of age, none of them is getting perhaps more attention than Teal Scott.

Nick named “The Spiritual Catalyst”, Teal Scott has garnered both attention and devotion from the spiritual community since the release of her first book “The Sculptor in the Sky”. Like most children born with psychic ability in the 1980’s, her gifts were not seen as abilities, but rather as illness. She was diagnosed by traditional psychologists with sensory integration disorder when she displayed synaesthesia, reported being able to see “energy” and demonstrated extreme hypersensitivities. [Teal was inspired by Nancy Tappe and her synesthesia, and claim of discovering “Indigo Children”]

She demonstrated such extraordinarily strong extrasensory abilities in fact that she caught the attention of a Christian cult [But Teal claims she was inducted into the Blood Covenant cult and a Satanic cult in later years] in the rural town where Teal was raised. She was inducted into this cult and was tortured sexually, mentally, physically, and emotionally for 13 years before escaping soon after her nineteenth birthday.

The abuse did not serve to make her abandon her abilities (as it was intended to make her do). It has instead served to further fuel her intention to continue on what she calls her “intended path”; a path of using the very abilities which were the cause of the torture she endured as a child to help other people achieve happiness, health and freedom.

The case of her abuse became a matter of the state and remains open to this day. Teal’s focus has been far from her past however. Instead, her focus is on the future. She has taken the spiritual and metaphysical communities by storm as she has personally taken it upon herself to demonstrate her teachings to the world. [By storm? She was just starting out.] Immediately upon her “coming out” she began captivating audiences with her ability to forgive the perpetrators in her past.

Now, she seeks to lead the human race into the understanding that we are all one. She teaches that physical reality is not a static reality. Instead, she teaches that it is energy which is continually molded by the mind to look and sound and feel like it is solid and three dimensional. But perhaps the most revolutionary teaching she offers is the concept that everything which exists in a person’s external reality is the mirrored manifestation of what is present within a person’s internal reality. This is a bold statement because if this is the case, then self awareness and self mastery are not only the key components to living a happy life but also the direct route to what all life forms seek… happiness.


As more and more people have become aware of Teal Scott and her teachings, she has become much more to some than an extraordinary woman. In fact, she has become more to some than an extraordinary spiritual guide. As the 2012 Mayan calendar end date fast approaches us and members of all faiths are aware of (and even afraid of) the extraordinary change that is afoot, Teal Scott has become a spiritual icon. Many of her followers firmly believe that Teal Scott is a manifestation of the divine, sent to lead humanity through these trying times.

This reputation is said to not easily be refuted when one meets with her in person. Many people who have sat within her presence describe the symptoms of their chronic illnesses vanishing miraculously. Others describe experiencing the overwhelming feeling of complete love and light as they undergo out of body experiences. And as her reputation continues to grow, she had been inundated by pleas from people asking for her personal blessings.

Whether one believes that Teal Scott as an extraordinary woman, a spiritual guide or a manifestation of the divine, the truth remains the same that a new revolutionary has come into public attention and has left many wanting more.

You can see more about The Spiritual Catalyst at the following web site:

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Born to Lead Humanity
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An Amazing Story of Forgiveness
Comments- An Amazing Story of Forgiveness
A Story of Forgiveness
Teal Scott not to be discredited | Letters to the Editor |

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