Teal Swan plagiarized from her former publisher, received complements, while cult leader behavior seeps through

Teal copied Louise Hay’s obituary from the Hay House Publishing website, tweaked a few words, inserted herself into it, omitted a few sentences, and presented it as her own “honoring” of Louise Hay’s life. She posted the slightly reworked piece from Hay House to her Facebook group, Teal Tribe. She also published an accompanying Instagram video. Teal’s edits sum her up…

Teal’s morbid fascination
With Teal, everything needs added drama, and she has a thing for death and suicide. She changed the first few words of the obituary from “Louise Hay transitioned this morning. . .” — to “Louise Hay transitioned into DEATH . . .”.

No one can compete with Teal; she is the living eucharist. Is this the reason why she omitted, “Louise was dubbed ‘the closest thing to a living saint'”?”

One of the very few sentences Teal inserted was, “She founded Hay House (the publishing company that produces my books) in 1984, the year that I was born.” Teal even makes someone else’s eulogy all about herself. She thinks the year of her birth is somehow significantly linked to the founding of Hay House. Considering Teal’s need to self-aggrandize and embellish on a regular basis, does she believe that she is the one to carry on Hay’s legacy? By Teal blatantly exalting herself, or covertly, such as in this example, she subtly manipulates her followers into believing that she is a “cut above the rest”.

Teal stakes claim
Teal wrote her own closure to the obituary, stating, “…temporal goodbye to a person who left an undeniable mark on our field.” Teal seems to miss that spirituality is not “owned” by a group of people. Many could agree that spirituality is a personal journey. By Teal taking ownership of spirituality, is a covert method of exaltation. And of course it is not a career or “field” such as banking. To label it that, diminishes its depth and sacredness.

Side-by-side comparison

Teal Swan Plagiarized From Hay House Obituary Louise Hay

Teal’s Accompanying Video


In addition to Teal absconding with her publisher’s obituary on the same day that Louise Hay passed, Teal published one of her 60-second Instagram videos, with her version of “honoring” Hay’s life. As usual, Teal’s statements are loaded and her followers buy it, not realizing the manipulation underneath it all. Just in case her followers did not read the obituary posted in Teal Tribe, she brought it up again, that she was born the same year that Louise Hay started her company:

. . . Louise Hay, one of the foremost pioneers in the self-help movement died today. She also happens to be the founder of the publishing company that publishes my books. Ironically, she started that business in 1984, which is the year that I was born.

Teal goes onto state:

What’s interesting about being hired by Hay House way back . . .

Teal was not “hired by Hay House”. Her third husband kindly worked with Hay House to get an outstanding book deal for her. That is not being hired by Hay House. Teal made it sound as if she is so important that she got hired by her publisher for something. Teal states “way back” for an added punch, as if Teal has been on the self-help scene for a long time. For Teal’s honoring of Louise Hay, she goes onto compare her “teachings” to Louise’s:

. . . I’m so, so opposed to affirmations, which is really the groundbreaking work of Louise Hay. So, it was interesting that, in terms of the way we practiced, some of our philosophies were diametrically opposed.

Why is Teal speaking in past tense?

Inconsistent “teachings”

One of the “Core Teachings of Teal Swan” is, “You create your reality with your attention and focus of thought.”

This is what affirmations are.

This type of contradictory statement is destabilizing for her followers. How do they know what to believe in? It keeps followers in a constant state of confusion, pushing them into dependancy. Whether Teal is conscious of this behavior or not, is debatable.

Cult leader red flags

Teal has to compare herself to other teachers on a regular basis. She made it quite clear to her followers that her teachings are “diametrically opposed” to Hay’s – much like Teal believes that she is “more authentic” than “most spiritual teachers”. 

Just more of the same “I am better than” superiority complex in a very covert way, within 60 seconds. What else do we expect? Of course Teal would pull the rug out from underneath a world renowned spiritual pioneer, and make it about herself;  a pioneer who was almost a half-century older than her, on the same day she passed away.

It’s unfortunate but, Teal’s entitlement to others’ work – her plagiarism, exaltation, superiority complex, ongoing comparison between herself and other teachers, and  destabilizing her followers, are all characteristics of a cult leader. What is dangerous about this, is that it fuels the cult leader and follower dynamic. It’s crazy to think that this behavior even seeps through her plagiarism.

Accolades for Teal







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Teal’s Facebook group and Facebook page.

Please share, share, share, and get the info out there! Copy and paste and even make a meme! Exposing Teal takes a team effort!

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