Teal Swan Exposed examines and questions the beliefs, practices and conduct of spiritual teacher Teal Swan. The focus is primarily on Teal’s preoccupation with death and suicide, questioning her practices such as her version of the “completion process”, raising awareness about cult leader and follower behavior, plagiarism, questioning Teal’s ritual abuse story, and providing an outlet for former followers and observers to share their story under “People Speak Out”. We encourage former followers to seek emotional support and guidance from licensed psychotherapists or psychologists [article]. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about us and/or our work, we encourage you to message us directly.

We do not focus on…

• whether suicide is right or wrong, but rather Teal’s handling of those who are depressed and suicidal, and her black and white thinking about committing to life or not.

• whether ritual abuse happens or not, but rather questioning the claims Teal has made about her ritual abuse story.

• whether artists and authors’ work is “free for the taking” from the “Akashic Records”, but rather Teal’s lack of ethics, and her [cult leader] entitlement to plagiarize, while calling herself a spiritual leader.

• whether spirituality and religion is a good thing or bad thing, but rather accountability, ethics, and behavioral issues.

Who we are and our motivation

We are regular citizens who are simply concerned — nothing more, nothing less. We do not believe, or claim that we are out to “take Teal down”, and have an implied ill-intentioned “agenda” , or march to “save the world from a cult leader” as we have heard some people frighteningly assume. We are merely investigating and raising awareness about issues that concern us. We are not related to Teal in any way – we are not former friends, followers, associates, or exs of Teal. We are comprised of two researching bloggers/authors, one focused researcher, and two contributing authors. We are from the US, UK and Germany. As far-fetched as this may sound, we hope that Teal strikes up a new career such as writing fiction — fantasy, or drama-packed romance novels maybe?

We do not make money from this website through advertising, or any other method. WordPress makes money through affiliate advertising as this site is hosted free by them. We pay for the domain, http://www.tealswanexposed.com. That means we invest money into the site, not profit from it.

Classic false assumptions about us

• That we are “attacking” Teal, are “haters” and “Anti-Teal” and are a part of “hate group/s” (that Teal claims she has). There is no “hate” in us.

• That we believe ritual abuse does not happen. Our point of contention are the discrepancies and improbabilities of Teal’s story.

• That we are not spiritual, and are all about science, or we are religious, conservative and “mainstream”. None of these are true.

• That we only support big pharmaceutical companies, traditional medicine and licensed medical doctors, and disregard all holistic or alternative healing methods. We respect various forms of medicine and healing modalities, and believe it is up to the individual to decide.

• That we have never suffered, don’t know what depression is like, and have lived privileged lives.

• That we disregard the possibility of extraterrestrials just because we highlight Teal’s exaltation of herself as an Arcturian Soul Fork” extraterrestrial, who is representative of an “intergalactic green peace”, here to “raise the consciousness of man”.

Peace, privacy and security

Former friends, exs & boyfriends: A few of these people have removed their blog exposés for peace and privacy. This is the primary reason that inspired us to not name names on this website, and most of all, to keep the focus on Teal. Also, there is content on this site that is from one former “Intentional Community” member; it is sourced while respectfully keeping the name private. Please message us if there are any questions, comments or concerns.

Followers: We obscure the names, and photos of Teal’s followers on screenshots, and other photos for their privacy. If we missed an element, please message us.

Critics: Fellow bloggers, journalists, members of social media forums, cult attorneys and experts, will never be negatively targeted and named, and blogged about on this website, and elsewhere by us. Our focus will always be about Teal, and her inner circle.

Our privacy: We also seek peace and privacy. Revealing our names (not aliases), in online forums or elsewhere, without our consent, and without the ability to defend ourselves, is inconsiderate and a breech of our security. We are considerate of others’ privacy, and we expect the same in return. We also do not do audio, or video recordings for interviews about Teal for our privacy – email is preferred.

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Our pen names and aliases

The main contributors are distinctly two separate individuals with their own thoughts, feelings and beliefs about Teal, and have their own unique ways of expressing themselves. The creator of the site (Jayce) is not on Facebook at all – both personal account and/or any aliases. Pen name for this website is “Name Irrelevant”. The co-blogger’s pen name is “Idris”, and is on Facebook with the alias, “Lotus Flower”. Contributing authors are Justin Luria, and an anonymous author. If you spot any other aliases using sock accounts, promoting this website, they are not us. If you ever see our site or articles posted by an obvious sock / fake account on Facebook, please report it to us.

Social media presence

We do not promote this website in order to convert the masses into believing Teal is dangerous, to seek attention, and/or to antagonize people. The search engines are working fine on their own. We occasionally post articles in the comments sections on Instagram and YouTube, and on the Question Teal Facebook page. We do not post links in Facebook groups after mid January 2018. Our main social media outlets are Twitter and YouTube.

Citing, sourcing and referencing

We do our very best to cite every bit of information on this website back to the original source where Teal made her statement in blogs and videos, as well as, citing other media. If you spot anything that is not sourced that we overlooked, please message us, and we will cite it immediately. This has happened and it was not intentional.

We encourage you to use this site as a reference for your journalistic endeavors if you’d like. Just make sure you cite ‘Teal Swan Exposed’ with the link, or the particular article/s being referenced or quoted from. Crossposting articles is fine so long  http://www.tealswanexposed.com is included. Please contact us prior to crossposting.

People Speak Out / Share Stories: ALL stories that are on this site, were submitted through the online form by the person who agreed to share their story. If you would like your story removed, please message us, and we will remove it immediately. Stories that were submitted via Facebook PM are not published on this website. If we’re in error, again, message us.

Inspiration and sources

All articles or blogs topics are based after, or inspired by Teal’s videos, blogs, articles, her Facebook group, Teal Tribe, and her marketing media. The “People Speak Out” portion of this website is comprised of stories and observations, written by former followers and concerned citizens. They deliver their content through the online form.


As of May 1, 2018, we do not endorse, align or partner with any cult experts, cult attorneys, cultic studies organizations, and cult media publications. This in order to remain non-biased, as experts may differ in their appraisal of Teal. We may however, highlight media from these individuals and organizations in the future. We currently utilize Twitter to disseminate articles by a range of individuals, and cultic studies organizations, without favouring one particular organization or individual over another.

Questions, comments, concerns

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please message us. We welcome your feedback and you will be heard. We may not always agree, but we will definitely listen, and respect your feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

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