I think that Teal Swan tries to attract emotionally broken people and then tries to make them feel hopeless and dependent

Really I’m just saying hi, and thank you for the work that you’re doing. I got into Teal Swan for a little while in 2015, watching her weekly videos, reading her blog etc. I’m grateful that some people are critical of what she’s doing/saying. I know that when I was into her ‘work’ I was in a really dark place emotionally due to having a dysfunctional family/childhood. I think that she tries to attract emotionally broken people and then tries to make them feel hopeless and dependent so that she can control them as much as possible. Oh yeah and she’s a complete narcissist. Textbook narcissist.  Even if she can’t be stopped entirely, there should still be information out there for people who dare to question her! Which is why I’m writing this message you in order to thank you.

Correspondence through email – with permission to share.

If you have ever read Michael Brown’s book, the Presence Process then you know Teal hijacked the whole thing. She uses the same words, same descriptions

No doubt Teal Swan is a very disturbed young woman. Her body, her emotions seem very controlled, almost contrived. You know this seems part of the setting the stage for any cult leader or guru. A fantastic story of overcoming some sort of massive abuse, poverty, etc. and then transcending it and reaching an enlightened state. Many are visually attractive, or have learned some magic or left-handed tantric tricks to ensnare people. They make fantastic claims of spiritual attainment or psychic abilities to match their fantastic stories.

Really it is becoming a very old game but most people are looking for someone to follow, someone to guide them, like a loving omnipotent parent that simply does not exist.. So in some ways, as part of soul growth some need to get involved either peripherally or directly with a “cult” – or someone like her to grow. And so Teal is a manufactured projection for lots of folks. She is whatever or whoever you project onto her. And that is the magic ensnarement. She does not have an original thought when it comes to her “spiritual” teachings. They are all taken from books. The guru game has been going on forever and she is no different then any of them.

If you have ever read Michael Browns’ book, the Presence Process then you know Teal hijacked the whole thing. She uses the same words, same descriptions, etc. And it is sad she focused on this particular book because she diluted the main purpose of Brown’s process which is about taking the journey by yourself into yourself without a teacher or guru.

I am in my 50s and you just sort of realize it is the same story, slightly different plot that has been going on since the beginning of time. And unfortunately some folks have to go through people like Teal. Listening to her talk to some of her devotees/followers she is very cutting, mean almost – the narcissistic rage really emanates from her in my opinion. The rigidity of her body. And unfortunately there have been a number of female guru’s typically of Indian decent out there that have acted similarly towards their followers.

Teal is not enlightened. None of them are. No one is going to rescue you. It is an inside job. Only you can do it for you.

Suzanne B.

[Teal’s] mindset made me feel less in control; “every bad thing you attract, even cancer, is your fault”. So I started to blame myself more and became my own worst enemy

I was a profound follower of Teal. I happened to stumble upon one of her videos as a 16-year old, during a life crisis. I had a mentally ill parent, who was suffering from severe heart problems. The stress this person endured made him mean and difficult to live with. I was desperate, because this situation made me feel stuck and I lost self-confidence. I needed an explanation to why all this happened. To be short: I was a vulnerable adolescent.

I had so much anxiety and a fear of death, so I Teal became this half-human half-god whose extra sensory perception reasured[sic] me and provided a sense of security that everything had a meaning. I watched almost every single one of her videos. But the mindset she advocated made me feel less in control; “every bad thing you attract, even cancer, is your fault”. So I started to blame myself more and became my own worst enemy.

I began to feel like something was off with Teal after a while, but it was not until she stated her stance on suicide which completely caused me to loose trust for her. She claims herself to be all these things; an alien, spiritually enlightened etc. so for her to make allegations like this can be extremely dangerous for temporarily emotionally and mentally vulnerable people to hear. The calls suicide a “reset button” which I believe to be absolutely insane, because no one knows what happens when we die. She even joked about a client who commited[sic] suicide at one of her events!

Stay away from this insane woman. Please, for your mental health.


While I think childhood trauma does play a part in shaping us as people, [Teal] blaming one’s parents for all their traumas is a bit of a stretch

My story may not be as severe as others, but I think it’s important that I share it anyway. So, I discovered Teal through YouTube at a time in my life when I was really ready for a turnaround in my life. I had been suffering in deep depths of darkness and despair; and one of her videos really helped me “I Can’t Trust The Universe (I Feel Like God Is Against Me)”. And there were others also helped me, “Future Self Work” but one thing I noticed in every video I watched is that she blamed parents and childhood trauma for the[sic] problems. And while I think childhood trauma does play a part in shaping us as people, blaming one’s parents for all their traumas is a bit of a stretch.

I was bullied in elementary school and that wasn’t my parents fault. Nor was it mine. And personally, I don’t think the Law of Attraction was against me either (refer to video “F**k the Law of Attraction”); I think I was born for my own mission on Earth as a musician and being bullied and having an absentee drug addict father was part of my ultimate destiny as a musician and inspiration for people. I don’t think it was all my parents’ fault for all my suffering. I made bad choices in my relationships, I hurt people and I was hurt by people.

And what really bothers me about Teal is not simply the fact that her works are fraudulent (because while I don’t believe in “originality”, I do believe in paying credit where credit is due. And copyrights should be respected, especially if someone worked their butt off in creating a work to help others like Michael Brown and his book “The Presence Process” which Teal shamelessly ripped off with “The Completion Process” without giving any credit to him, whatsoever from what I’ve learned.) and she claims to be all-knowing and “born to lead humanity” etc. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with acknowledging abilities you do have, I do personally think I have some form of clairvoyance but I call it intuition. And I’m not often open about it, unless it’s with my mom. And I’m sure as hell not going to try to profit off of my own intuition, just because I have this ability and I’m not going to give anyone therapy due to the fact that I have a strong intuitive ability…

My goal is music and I’m educated in music. And I think that’s my biggest problem with Teal Swan, overall… She’s not licensed and has no credentials; and I’m seeing a licensed therapist, right now. So, I feel like with her hypocritical views on the health care system in general (including mental health); given the fact that she has no licensing or education in the health field, let alone the mental health fields – I don’t think she has any reason to give people advice.

As for the healing, I’m still doing due to her teachers; while I don’t like playing the blame game – I do blame her for polluting my mind with all these victim-hood mentalities about how “it’s me vs. the world”. And her views on horror movies (“Why Do People Like To Watch Scary Movies?”) disgusts me, seeing as she had no trigger warnings for the disturbing images she shamelessly put in her video. So, right now, the healing I’m working on personally, is to stop feeling victimized by outside circumstances and ultimately forgiving Teal for what she did to my mindset. Although I have an extreme rage towards her, right now. Lately thanking people genuinely for hurting me and helping me become a better person, is what I’ve been working on spiritually, metaphysically and emotionally… And it’s been hard. But I’m thankful for a website like this, to allow me to post this long, scatter-brained rant!

In conclusion, I believe Teal is a narcissist and her teachings are that of a narcissist and victim-hood mentality. Whereas I want to learn about the positivity and love and light in this world, no matter how few-and-far-between it may seem in this era, we’re all living in. I believe loving oneself and being open to what love truly is, by one’s own definition is the greatest way to heal. To me, love is genuine unconditional presence and acceptance with yourself and others. And forgiveness is a form of love. So, in a perfect world that’s what I want Teal to be teaching. But alas, that’s not the world we live in. So, I hope this blog will continue exposing her evil, cultist movement and people will continue speaking up. Whether it’s a story like mine or something much worse. Thanks for reading this!

Lots Of Love,
Sukai Todd!
North America (U.S.A)

It sickens me that people will accept [Teal Swan’s] excuses without understanding how true certified, licensed professional mental health workers would respond and act.

I grow more and more concerned by Teal’s followers acceptance of her pretending to be a therapist, or have any credentials whatsoever to call herself one.  She takes on individual and couples “therapy” and a woman died.  She claims that the woman was dependent, so in Teal’s mind her solution was to break that cycle by not “feeding into it.”  What a joke.  There’s a reason why people go to school to learn how to help people, ESPECIALLY suicidality because it’s complicated. Doing the opposite of what you think is right is NOT a “technique” and it sickens me that she claims that to her that was “doing everything she could.”

Second, if a therapist goes on vacation, especially with a suicidal patient, you would NEVER leave them without a contact person.  NEVER EVER.  You would have a backup.  Or you would do the decent human being thing and refer them to someone who is a better fit therapist or post pone your damn vacation.  Teal is NOT the victim in this, and it sickens me that people will accept her excuses without understanding how true certified, licensed professional mental health workers would respond and act.  What a disgrace.

Heidi Hansen
United States

[Teal Swan] preyed on my grief after losing my father to cancer

It is my sincere hope that by writing this review people who are considering giving this organization money would reconsider [Hay House Publisher]. She [Teal Swan] preyed on my grief after losing my father to cancer by telling me she saw my dead father. But what she actually did was steal everything she said to me from his online obituary. She is a fraud. We are all looking for spiritual answers and sadly that makes us easy prey for people who lie and manipulate well. People are not stupid though and I’m sure this will catch up to her. I just think people have the right to know the truth. Someone needs to tell the truth since Teal does not.