Teal Swan: Cult Warning Signs

There is considerable evidence of spiritual teacher Teal Swan, displaying behavior that is characteristic of a cult leader, due to the numerous statements she has made throughout her media. Teal claims to be “authentic”, “transparent” and the “Leader of an Authenticity Movement”, yet reveals more about herself than she intends. Teal’s media has been mined for evidence, and from her blogs alone, not including her videos, over 300 statements have been discovered. A few example quotes for each trait, does not equate to cult leader status. However, if you combine all the information from the numerous sources available to the public, a picture begins to emerge. The reader is invited to decide for themselves.

Teal’s followers, known as “Tealers”, “Tribers” and “army”, as Teal puts it, are also displaying the behavior of cult followers. To learn about her followers, visit What followers say… 

Teal was labeled a cult leader early on in her “spiritual career” (as she puts it). In response to this, she wrote, “Cult or Movement?” as a defensive move to distance herself from her alleged cult status. However, she seemingly glorifies cults in her blog, “To Own“. She states:

Cults promise both significance and connection. They offer people a place to belong and people to belong with. For people who lack a sense of connection and belonging and significance, those things are worth anything. As we saw with the Jonestown Massacre, they are even worth dying for. . . . It takes a village to raise a child. This is in fact how children are supposed to be raised… By a village. . . . Intentional community is the face of the progression of our species.

Not only does she seem to approve of cults, but she likes having what she calls her own personal “Intentional Community” at her place of residence in Utah and at her retreat center, Phila, in Costa Rica. Her community helps raise her child (as stated in her other blogs), work for her, promote and market her and provide emotional support and protection. She also believes her community is a model for humanity.

In her blog, “A Piece of My Heart“, she writes about her protective “container” friends and “entourage” – which is also an incriminating characteristic of a cult leader. She states:

Like most people who are public figures, the people in my life that I am the closest to form a kind of supportive container for me. Besides loving them and reveling in the connection we have, this is the main function that the ‘entourage’ serves. This is wonderful because I can choose when to come out of that container and when to seek the solace of that container.

Another statement about cults:

What the minds of cult leaders and serial killers will tell you is that the majority of the excitement that comes along with their obsession is the fact that they get to feel ‘a cut above the rest’. They feel ‘a cut above the rest’ because they are capable of doing things that are so beyond what others are capable of doing, they perceive themselves to be invincible. Where others are weak, they are strong.

The Pain of Amber – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

Teal’s Most Pronounced Cult Leader Characteristics

Grandiosity: “buy countries”, “wealthiest companies in the world”, “rival the corporations”, “alter the course of history”, “changing the world out across the world”, “Catalyze The Rise Of Consciousness In Man”, “great many teachings I will unveil to the world.”
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Grandiose titles: She is a self-proclaimed “Spiritual Authority”, “Revolutionary”, “Leader of the New Age”, “Guru”, “Oracle”, “Seer”, “Spiritual Catalyst”, “Therapist”, “Internationally Recognized Spiritual Leader”, “Spiritual Guide”, “Social Media Star”, “Universal Reflector”, and much, much more.
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Martyrdom: “What do you think happened with Christ”, “I knew that I would be risking death”, “best game changers on earth end up dead”, “match to the very gruesome public murder”, “more famous you get, the more they seek to destroy you”, “best intentions on this earth were assassinated”, “willing to risk anything for it”, “received a death threat in the mail”, “people wished to extinguish me”, “Many people did want me to die”, “I am not the only one who receives threats directed at me. My son does too.”
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Entitlement (Bends Rules, Breaks Laws): Teal has conducted psychotherapy without a license, has plagiarized from a number of authors, collected funds for a unregistered non-profit, and more.
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Admiration: Teal reveals that she loves fame, having fans, points out that she signs autographs, enjoys receiving presents, having an entourage, and being glamorous.
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Enemies: Teal reinforces the divide between people who revere and question her by labeling her alleged enemies as “haters”, and “anti-Teal”, who belong to “hate groups”, while fueling “Tealers”, “Tribers”, and an “army” to defend her. This is so significant that the content is endless and staggering. Just waiting for the energy to cover it!

Omnipotent: Teal claims that she is an “extrasensory” that has “transcendental knowledge that most people have no access to”, sees thoughts, and the future, “hears  tectonic plates moving”, lay hands on and talk to dead people (as a child but has never displayed as an adult), astral projects around the world to help heal people, and much more.

Superiority: Teal believes that she is more real and “authentic”, “transparent” and does not have a “facade” as compared to other spiritual teachers and mentions this quite often. Related:
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Chosen Representative of a Deity: Teal claims that she is a “Eucharist”, an “Arcturian” extraterrestrial, a reincarnation of Indian guru Sai Baba of Shirdi, she is an “Ascended Master”, from “Arcturus” on a special mission for humanity, her “spirit guides” are authors, Gore Vidal, Stuart Wilde (more guides), and more evidence of deity status.

Controlling: Teal tells people what to think, feel and believe about themselves, controls public perception about her, and makes grand-sweeping generalizations and assumptions about humanity. She takes the opportunity to display this behavior with her on-stage guests. There is endless evidence of this, it just needs to be explained in detail. Related Article and Video

Branding / Tattoo: Followers display cult behavior, branding themselves after Teal. She has encouraged her followers to get a copy of her tattoo. Many of her followers have been spotted with the same alchemical symbol tattoo that Teal has on her left arm.
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A recommended read is, “Dangerous Cult Leaders” by Joe Navarro for Psychology Today. The article was the general foundation for the investigation of Teal showing cult leader characteristics.