Teal Swan’s Plagiarism

Spiritual teacher Teal Swan, who describes herself as the “Leader of an Authenticity Movement” and “Leader of the New Age”, has verbatim plagiarized from a number of authors and resource websites. It is not ethical for Teal Swan to lift others’ work, and even more concerning, receive royalties and accolades for her plagiarized material. Teal profits off of her YouTube channel, while using other authors’ material. An observer says it perfectly: “Teal has no conscience whatsoever, just steals whatever she likes in order to further herself and her agenda. Doesn’t care who she steps on along the way.” This page contains links to researchers’ websites, and a meme album for a quick overview of some of Teal’s plagiarism. Michael Brown of “The Presence Process” denounced Teal.

2018/11/17 — Teal Swan’s plagiarism of “Ascension Symptoms Checklist” with no credit provided

2018/11/10 — Plagiarism Detection – She Removed Credit To The Author!!

2018/05/04 — Teal Swan plagiarized from her former publisher, received complements, while cult leader behavior seeps through

2018/04/25 — PART 2 of Teal plagiarizing Cooray’s book. “Cam is very disappointed” in Teal.

2018/04/17 — Teal plagiarised from the book, “Akashic Records : What are They? How to Access Them” by Camilet Cooray

2018/03/15 — TEAL SWAN and her version of the Presence Process

2018/02/06 — Teal Swan plagiarized Alive for her video, “How To Change A Belief” (Teal Swan Caught Stealing!)

2018/01/15 — Teal Swan plagiarized information about stress management for her followers

2017/10/30 — Michael Brown, Author of The Presence Process, addresses Teal’s Plagiarism

2016/09/16 — Restoring Integrity: Teal and The Presence Process

Teal Swan Plagiarizes From Thich Nhat Hanh


Memes – Feel Free To Share

Update: It shouldn’t take a meme to get “Authenticity Leader” Teal to cite her blogs. She (non-formally) cited the paragraph on endometriosis in her blog “The Light Is A Constant”. That said, if anyone thinks we’re just making up Teal’s plagiarism, old blogs are always archived.

Ethics for a spiritual leader should mean something.

3 thoughts on “Teal Swan’s Plagiarism”

  1. edit: IN FACT, i can accurately tell which sentences, labels, subjects and techniques come from Quantum Touch and which ones come from other sources!
    This is as accurate as the Akashic Records plagiarism above.


  2. On Teals video from 2 mrt. 2013 “ENERGY HEALING 101” , i made this comment:

    “90% of this whole clip is from the technique Quantum Touch Level 1 by Richard Gordon, even the words/namings match with the book. The other 10% are shitbits from other books. None of this comes from you, Teal. Same with ALL your other stuff. Just a lot of books and googling.”


  3. Just noticed another plagiarism. One her latest Premium page, it says “It’s kind of like Netflix, for those who dive deep”. Gaia.com’s slogan is “Gaia is like Netflix, but instead of entertainment you get enlightenment”. Coincidence?


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