Teal Swan’s Citation, Cease & Desist Order & Fine

Teal Swan has received a citation, Cease & Desist Order and fine by the state of Utah for practicing mental health therapy without a license on February 22nd, 2017. This information is public domain. Session analyzed is here – deeper concerns.

The Citation states:

“Teal Swan posted a video to her youtube.com site titled ‘[title redacted for client privacy]’ on August 28, 2016. The video shows Teal Swan conducting a session with a client named as [name withheld]. The description labels the video as ‘Teal Swan takes [name withheld] through the completion process where they work to transform persistent social anxiety.’ Social anxiety is a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) 5th edition diagnosable disorder. Ms. Swan establishes the diagnosis of social anxiety and proceeds to engage in the professional intervention for the treatment of social anxiety. Ms. Swan applies known psychotherapy techniques with [name withheld].”

https://dopl.utah.gov/investigations/disciplinary.html (click on June).