Teaching Psychotherapy

Teal’s Completion Process Training & Book

Teal teaches a three day workshop on what she calls, “The Completion Process” (TCP). Her TCP training is meant for those who are seeking healing for their repressed emotional wounds. Teal encourages those who have suffered from trauma to utilize her process, however, assisting those who are recovering from deep wounds, require formal education and specialized training. Licensed therapists supervise and monitor clients’ recovery over many sessions, as it is sensitive and delicate work, but Teal dismisses this. Considering Teal has no accountability (no degree, licensing and training) in trauma therapy, to be teaching a three-day course for her followers to conduct psychotherapy, is none short of dangerous.

On another note, based after Teal’s three-day Completion Process Training, Teal published the book, The Completion Process, during Fall of 2016. She paraphrased sections, and stole unique play on words from author, Michael Brown’s book, The Presence Process, and repackaged it for her own self-help material. To learn more about this, read “Restoring Integrity: Teal and the Presence Process” and “Fullmetal Plagiarist“. Other reading material is a statement by author, Brown, denouncing Teal’s plagiarism, and blog by Teal’s ex-husband on her plagiarism.

Using State of Utah’s seal illegally – Third Offense

In addition to Teal, teaching psychotherapy without education and licensing, she uses the State of Utah’s seal illegally. Below is evidence of Teal, issuing a certificate of completion for one of her students for her “Completion Process Training” with a Utah’s seal right at the top, and stating, “Organized under the state of Utah”.

Three Offenses:

  • Teal was issued a citation, Cease & Desist Order and fined for practicing mental health therapy in Utah on 2/11/17.
  • The Completion Process Training certificate is dated 4/12, 2017. This means Teal was conducting a workshop, and practicing mental health therapy after the Cease & Desist Order was issued.
  • Teal used the State of Utah’s seal illegally. Division of Consumer Protection of Utah is aware.
Teal uses the State of  Utah’s Seal illegally.