“The Completion Process”


The Completion Process (TCP), is not a new or revolutionary process. The use of regression, and hypnotherapy type techniques to uncover repressed memories has been used for many years, long before Teal Swan was born. A current known teacher of TCP, is Paramahamsa Nithyananda (see video below).

All manner of unqualified new age and fringe therapists have used similar processes where a client is taken into a calm, trance like state, and “coaxed” (as Teal stated in a video), into memories either gently or through a ‘trigger’ as in the case of Teal’s TCP. However, Teal has a tendency to waiver with her approaches to healing when questioned, and her actual implementation could be detrimental. She states, “As a therapist, it is really critical that we try not to lead or put suggestive ideas into people’s minds.” However, she goes on to say “it’s easier said than done, because people often need a bit of coaxing” (1). This is where we begin to observe issues with her methods due to false memories. Follow this link for a deeper look at false memories and (disturbing) case with an on-stage guest.

TCP practitioners are taught to use the person’s trauma, or trigger as a way into their psyche. They use an emotional reaction from external stimuli, that triggers them into a “memory”. For example, it is taught through TCP that the smell of a particular cologne will trigger someone into the memory of sexual abuse as a child, as that is the cologne their abuser used to wear, or in the case of TCP clients, very often their father. Many have been led to believe it was their parents, who were the original abusers.

Once the person is enveloped in the “memory” of abuse, they are taken deeper into memories to find the original source of the visualization. This often goes into “pre-birth” memories. Then, again through visualization, they are lead to integrating the child into the adult self, and to then find a “happy place” such as playing in a playground or whatever the person chooses to do in their visualization. According to TCP, the person has now integrated an aspect of their consciousness that had split off at the point of “trauma”, thereby creating integration, and healing the clients subconscious mind.

Note: Teal published the book, The Completion Process, during Fall of 2016. She plagiarized, paraphrased, and stole unique play on words from author, Michael Brown’s book, The Presence Process, and repackaged it for her own self-help material. To learn more about this, read “Restoring Integrity: Teal and the Presence Process“, statement by author, Brown, addressing Teal’s plagiarism.

“Completion process for health, wealth, relationships and enlightenment. This video is an excerpt from the Nithya Kriya Yoga Program conducted on 20 June 2015 by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, where he teaches the completion process.” Source: https://youtu.be/DJ_ifaTihus


  1. Quote, “As a therapist, it is really critical that we try not to lead or put suggestive ideas into people’s minds.” and “…easier said than done, because people often need a bit of coaxing.” Source: https://youtu.be/4y8yvUKC4z4

Article edited and republished with permission.