Teal Swan’s Satanic Ritual Abuse

Check out the video just published, “Spiritual Teacher” Teal Swan’s Ritual Abuse Story Investigated.

Teal-Swan-Good-At-Making-Up-Stories“Spiritual teacher” Teal Swan claims that she was a part of a satanic cult, and was ritually tortured, and emotionally abused for thirteen years, starting at age six. She has been heavily questioned by those who have researched her story due to her inconsistent storytelling, timeline discrepancies, and improbable claims (see “Teal’s Claims” below). Beneath “Teal’s Claims”, are articles and videos by varied critics, questioning her story. The reader is invited to decide for themselves. This page will be updated as new media is published.


The following media is disturbing.

Teal removed all blogs from her website that go into detail about her ritual abuse story. The blogs reveal numerous discrepancies and improbabilities of her story. Essentially, they expose her as being deceitful, while marketing herself as the “Leader of the Authenticity Movement”. The blogs are below.


“So basically he had me carving ritual symbols into the body. And because the body was in rigor mortis, his penis was completely erect. So he also had me perform, like, sex with this body – which was one of the worst memories, of course, of my life because my face was three inches away from this huge wound, and the bottom half of this guy’s face. And so, I’m having sex with this corpse, and he’s getting off on it. Like, by this point he had taken a knife and taken a huge slice of this guy’s leg off his thigh muscle he was just chewing on it. Because he was cannibalistic as well. So, he was chewing on this raw piece – he never cooked it by the way – he was into raw. So he would eat this piece of this raw leg. He was like enjoying it – you should have seen the look on his face.”

“Nine years ago, I had an ex boyfriend who took Ambien[sic], and went into a deranged rage spiral. When I tried to stop him, he chased me into the street (the neighbors saw and called the cops). He then proceeded to knock me out and drug me by my feet down the stairs of the house. His father watched him do all of this, (he followed him yelling). Anyway, he pulled out his gun and put it to my temple and when he pulled the trigger, the bullet somehow miraculously went into the wall instead of my head.”
Red Flags – Blog Posts – Teal Swan

“So I put on my jacket, put newspaper over the seat of my car and drove myself to a nearby canyon. I got out of my car and wandered out into the snow. Labor puts women into a ‘zone’ of surrealism. I sat there by myself in the dark, bleeding out into the snow for so long that my arms and feet turned white. I delivered twins out onto the snow. They were 2 little boys. Being so premature, they were obviously still born. I sat there in shock staring at them, not knowing what to do with them.”
Straight Lines – Teal’s Blog – Teal Swan

This is an excerpt from a blog that Teal’s husband, Ale, wrote. However, many suspect that Teal was the one who wrote it as the writing style/voice sounds like her. Ale/Teal states, “But Doc interrupted her frantic thinking when he stormed in carrying a huge pot of boiling water. He dumped it onto the little girl through the crate. The little girl was screaming and crying. He reached back to take a second pot of boiling water from the man, and dumped it on her again. Her screams and cries came to a brutal stop. The other man then dumped a third pot of boiling water over the silence of the pit.”
Healing The Un-Healable | ale gicqueau


2018/04/24 — “Spiritual Teacher” Teal Swan’s Ritual Abuse Story Investigated

2018/04/06 — Teal Swan’s Epic Escape From 13 Years of Ritual Abuse [humor]

2018/03/19 — Teal Swan says she can’t handle all things macabre due to alleged satanic ritual abuse, but it’s sprinkled throughout her media

2018/03/19 — TEAL SWAN and SATANISM

2018/03/16 — Was Teal Swan Sewn into a Human Corpse?

2018/03/15 — Teal Swan trained for a ski competition, but within a year of escaping from alleged severe abuse & lied about placing 4th

2018/01/03 — Teal Swan boasts alleged international modeling, but it conflicts with her alleged ritual abuse story

2018/02/06 — Teal Swan’s Greatest Lie!

2016/12/16 — Teal Swan Satanism

2015/10/31 — The Complete Interview of Teal Swan’s Alleged Childhood Abuser

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