Depressed & Suicidal Followers

The rate of suicidal ideation in Teal’s Facebook group, Teal Tribe, is alarming. To get an idea of the types of statements the followers make, visit, Followers’ depression, suicidal ideation and death mentions via social media. There is no guidance from any qualified or trained support team on standby. There has been countless occasions where Teal does not respond to her followers’ pleas for help. It is common members respond passively such as, “Suicide is an option – you can do it if you want.” And sometimes the responses trigger arguing among themselves about suicide in general. The organization, Reporting On Suicide states:

“Social networking sites . . . should be monitored for hurtful comments and for statements that others are considering suicide. Message board guidelines, policies, and procedures could support removal of inappropriate and/or insensitive posts.”

Instead of Teal monitoring insensitive posts, she is more concerned about her alleged “haters” who question her beliefs and practices. More often than not, members get banned from her group for doing so.

Teal prioritizes career over suicidal followers

A member reached out to Teal for help and Teal responds with little regard and concern for the member and the group at large. Essentially, Teal prioritizes “career” over responding to approximately “10 suicidal emails per day” when she has the resources to employ a team to screen her emails.

Teal Swan. (2015, January 27)

“I am at a point in my career where I can’t read my own e mail. I receive several suicidal e mails a day (about ten a day in fact) out of the 200+ e malls[sic] I receive in a day. If I was to respond to even all ten of these emails personally, I’d have to stop writing books and stoop doing Ask Teal and stop spending any time on Teal Tribe.”

[Facebook status update]. Retrieved from Teal Tribe Accessed 2017, October 17. [screenshot]


Teal makes it very clear she prioritizes her “career” over responding to her followers who are having suicidal ideation, despite her stating, “I see the tribe as a healing and support oriented group” Cult or Movement. If she has this alarming level of suicidal followers trying to contact her every single day, why does she not have staff to handle these life threatening emergencies? Additionally, her empathy for her followers is missing.

Suicides that are related to Teal include a child feeling suicidal from watching Teal’s videos [details], a woman committed suicide within a week of attending one of Teal’s workshops, an avid follower of Teal committed suicide [details], Teal’s first client committed suicide, at least two members of her Facebook group committed suicide [here’s one]. Who knows how many more followers who have deepened their mental health issues due to Teal’s practices, and suicides that have not been reported. Teal’s demographic is relatively young. It could very well be that friends and family members, have no idea they were following Teal.

Suicidal Members ~ Trigger Warning [examples]

OCTOBER ~ Approximately 16 Suicidal Members